Taiwan advertising on buses is a great idea

Taiwan rarely promotes their events, and we have criticised them often on this page. Things could be changing with the World Cup games coming up they have come up with a brilliant idea as they advertise on local buses.

Taiwan promote their games on moving billboards

Today Taiwan posted onto their Facebook page that they are advertising the World Cup on local buses. It is unclear if this is all around the island, or whether it is just based close to where the games will take place. Whichever it is, local or island-wide, we have to praise whoever came up with this idea because it is a step in the right direction for making the public aware they exist as a national team and play matches.

The fact that the buses move all around the city makes it better than paying for a static sign because it turns the bus into a moving billboard. It is unclear if the attendance will be affected, but the main thing is the word is getting out there.

This what we have been screaming for the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association - representing Taiwan) all along. The more of this kind of thing the CTFA do, then the more awareness there will be of the team, and that can only be a good thing.

Operation get a selfie with bus

After seeing the photo of the bus, the CTFA posted a video of a bus going past the ad. This got us thinking that we need to get a selfie with the god damn bus! It is not something I thought I would be running around a city trying to get a photo with because I see buses every day.

But now, I need to locate the bus and get that selfie so that I can have proof that it really did happen. Until we see it for ourselves, then we won't believe it is real because it is so unlike the CTFA. They clearly are learning already from a lot of those memo of understandings they signed with other teams and associations.

We want to see more of this thing in the future, which we believe can raise the awareness and give more exposure to Taiwan's national team then in the future when we ask, "do you know that Taiwan has a football team?". Most people can reply "yes, we do." instead of, "really, Taiwan has a football team? I didn't know that."

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