Special shirt for Torres

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Fernando Torres has not pulled up many roots since coming to the J League on July 2018. The 35-year-old though as had a great career in Spain and England and when his career does come to an end on the 23rd August against Vissel Kobe am sure many happy memories of his playing days will be remembered. 

A special shirt

It was then announced that his side will do away with their normal blue and pink for one match to mark his final match. This will be seen on the Friday night game on the 23rd August against Vissel Kobe.

The shirt being worn celebrated the blue and red of Atlético Madrid with the top looks similar to the shirt the Spanish side had in the 1990s. As the club said "Torres is one of the Atlético legends. As a player, he as worn something similar to the kit designed. We created this new design as it was very special because Torres liked it the most."

Sagan Tosu unveiled the shirt this week for the match with Vissel Kobe. The striker's final match as been deliberately designed to be this game in which he could face old teammates Iniesta and David Villa.

This is very much a money-making game but could still be well worth a watch and you will able to watch it worldwide through Rakuten Sports.

Meanwhile, Torres said back in June, "I am finishing my 18-year football career. The match with Kobe in the J League will be my last. Kobe has two of my long-time friends Andres Iniesta and David Villa playing for them and while I can still run I will make this my retirement game."

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