Lebanon send broadcast request to North Korea


Lebanon travels to Pyongyang, North Korea for their first match in World Cup qualifying, which takes place on 5th September. Like many teams before them, they have sent a request to the North Korean football Association in an attempt to have the match broadcast.

North Korea is likely to show no games live on the telly box

Countries who play North Korea send requests to the North Koreans every time qualifiers roll around, asking for permission to be allowed to broadcast the match. This is so the fans of whichever country playing North Korea get the chance to watch the game.

Asia is vast, and the distances involved going from country to country can the prohibitive away fans from travelling. However, even if the miles to travel weren't an issue, there wouldn't be many people queueing up to fly off to Pyongyang with the reasons for that being beyond obvious.

With this in mind, the football association of the country travelling to Pyongyang often sends a request to broadcast the match, and as far as I am aware, I believe North Korea either send a reply saying no or just outright ignore the request and crack on with their life. And there isn't anything the visiting nation can do about it.

Media blackout

A media blackout envelopes any visiting team travelling to Pyongyang for the qualifiers. Fans of Lebanon will have to use websites like the AFC.com or similar and keep clicking refresh on the page to know what is going on.

When Hong Kong travelled to North Korea, they knew it was a slug-fest between both countries, with the winner taking place in the 2019 Asian Cup finals (a draw would have been enough for North Korea too). Hong Kong tried to have the game broadcast, as it was a massive occasion due to Hong Kong's absence from the Asian Cup finals since 1968 where they were in a group with, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Isreal, and the Republic of China (Taiwan). How those country names and flags (if you click the link) have changed!.

North Korea refused, which made some hardy souls supporting Hong Kong arrange a trip to Pyongyang just for that game, one fella even hid all from his mother until he got back safe. In the end, they were the small few who got to watch the game live, everyone else that wanted to watch the game suffered from a blackout, and would have been stuck clicking refresh on some random score website, waiting patiently to find out if they'd go to the Asian Cup, or miss out again.

Lebanon fans will suffer from the blackout, but they can live by knowing this match is only the first on the road to Qatar, and it isn't made or break like it was for Hong Kong.

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