If not us, who? If not now, when? Taiwan's golden generation embark on World Cup campaign


Taiwan's new motto strikes a nerve, as the golden generation of Taiwanese football embarks on another important World Cup campaign. If not us, who? if not now, when? 

If not us, who? If not now, when?

This slogan is in reference to the growing influence football is gaining on the island. With more kids are playing and the game is slowly gaining influence. Therefore, the reference is also related to Taiwan's national team who are currently are enjoying some of the highest Fifa rankings they've had, and are winning more matches than ever before.

The previous World Cup campaign was about being competitive and making sure Taiwan qualified for the 2nd round group stage, they achieved both these goals; despite losing every game.

This time around the goal is to do very well in the group, and if it all goes very well also qualify directly for the Asian Cup in China which takes place in 2023. (The World Cup Qualifiers double up as Asian cup qualifiers.)

This generation of Taiwanese players have already done a great deal for football on the island, and for football in general in Taiwan, but they want to go one better, and they want to qualify for the Asian Cup (the World Cup is unrealistic and if it happened it would be a bloody miracle!). Therefore this is a slogan we can get behind. If not us, who? If not now, when? For football to continue to grow, more success is the next logical step.

Taiwan has more professionals than ever before

Everyone involved in football in Taiwan is pulling in the right direction right now and it is great to see. It will be great to see it continue long into the future, the CTFA is, at last, doing a wonderful job of helping their players get into more professional sides abroad and this can only help the national side and football in Taiwan, particularly if when these players come back they remain in the football scene.

The CTFA is currently building partnerships with foreign clubs and associations in order to grow, and learn the expertise needed to keep advancing. There are more foreign based players than ever before, there is a lot of work going on at all youth levels of Taiwanese football, women's football and the local league.

This is the best the football scene has been for years, therefore if Taiwan has an amazing campaign, maybe more players will get moves to professional sides, maybe more people will become interested and in general, a knock-on effect will happen. Success breeds interest, so again it leads us back to if not us, who? If not now, when?

Taiwan will play their first two World Cup qualifying games in September:

09/05 vs Jordan, Taipei Municipal Stadium, kick-off time - 19:10 (all times are Taiwan time)

09/10 vs Nepal, Taipei Municipal Stadium, kick-off time - 19:10

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