CTFA host an AFC club license workshop

Photo: CTFA
The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) hosted an AFC license 2-day workshop in cooperation with the AFC (Asian Football Confederation). This is in conjunction with the CTFA working more resolutely to push football in Taiwan.

Taiwanese clubs need an AFC license

From next season, any clubs wanting to participate in the Taiwan Premier League and I believe the Mulan League (Women's League) will need to have an AFC club license. This has been implemented in order to start trying to raise the standard of Taiwanese domestic football.

This is the start on the road on a long journey to one day having not only professional football in Taiwan, but it becoming the number one sport in the country. The workshop was based around professional sports marketing which Taiwan definitely needs to work on improving, and financial requirements regarding the AFC club license.

Great to see clubs embracing these moves

It's great to see so many clubs embracing the Taiwan FA's move to make football more popular because for the game to be better everyone involved needs to muck in and make it so. If all the clubs and association are not pulling in the same direction, then football will be as doomed in the future as it has been in the past.

The sport in Taiwan has a bright future, even if it will take a long time to see the fruits of the labour that is being put in now. If the CTFA is willing to go the long haul, then in 20, 30, or 40 years we might see kids playing football all over Taiwan instead of basketball or baseball, and that will be a site to see. 

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