China announce squad list

This week the China national team announced their list of players to be called up for the Asian and World Cup qualifiers coming up. As with the first phase of nationalisation taking place, we will see some new non-Chinese born players line up for the country for the first time. 

Elkeson takes up Chinese nationalism 

As the list of players were announced this week a key name stood out and that was the one of Elkeson. This was seen with the Brazilian born 30-year-old set to become a China citizen having been in the country since 2013.

This is a big move and will mean that he will become the first player with no Chinese ancestry to play for the country. It is something that has happened before with countries such as Qatar adopting the tactic recently but this is still huge for such a patriotic nation.

It is thought this could, however, be the first of many players set to be giving Chinese nationalism through the length of residency. A sign that maybe China's attempts to have a footballing powerhouse is failing and they need help from outside.

Other players included for first caps

A tactic used by many nations around the world is to bring players in with ancestry linked to that country. As seen for example with Wales reaching a semi-final with a host of players born and brought up outside of the country. 

This is a tactic now being used by China and this was seen with the call up of Nico Yennaris a London born player who until recently played his whole career in England. 

Below is the list of players expected to be contention for call ups when China faces the Maldives on the 10th September.  
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