Brazilian Elkeson named in China PR squad


The rumours have been circulating a long time about this, but it has finally happened. Elkeson has been named in China's squad for their World Cup qualifiers. 

First player without Chinese heritage to represent China

Brazilian striker Elkeson will become the first player to represent China through nationalisation rather than being born in the country, or because of his heritage. This is an unprecedented move from China, and it is unclear how it will be accepted by a country know for its nationalism, but it seems to have been part of Marcello Lippi's demands in order for him to return to the national team fold.

Elkeson could be the first of many, as China seem to be on a road that has now led them into looking for players with Chinese heritage playing abroad, or seeking to call-up those foreign players who have been playing in China for 5 years, but still haven't represented their own nation at senior international level, as per Fifa rules state. This means it leaves the door open for China to nationalise them and in order to have them representing the PRC (Peoples Republic of China).

An admission of failure 

In my opinion, this is as much of an admission of failure as you're ever going to get from China. They have been pumping so much money into their youth system, that you would expect there to be some decent players coming through by now.

At the very least, we should be starting to see China compete more in Asia, but we have failed to see this even. so far, there seems to have been very limited improvement in Chinese players for all the money that has been pumped into it, which leads you to think two things.

The first thing is that all the coaches hired to work in China will not be good. Now this does not mean that all coaches working in China will be bad, some will be excellent, and some will be middling, but some will just be out there to make money, and a large proportion of coaches who have been drawn to the money on offer in China and may or may not even be well qualified coaches that China keeps seemingly telling the world that they are employing to kick start a mega Chinese national side that will push them into becoming World Cup regulars.

China will never openly admit that their youth policy has failed, but this is a massive indication that they know it has.

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