World Cup draw confirmed

The Asian World Cup draw was made today and it threw up some fun fixtures for all. Throughout the next week, we will take a closer look at this from each East Asian countries prospectives but for now, the big standout is a Korean derby. 

The Groups 

Here are the groups for each of the East Asian sides;

There is a lot to look at with these groups but they all look very competitive, in Group A, for example, China as a top seed finds themselves with a very strong chance of progression.

Then in Group B, Taiwan has Australia as a top-seeded side a country which will be hard to beat but could bring some entertainment to the island when they visit. As with Jordan Taiwan have got a great second-seeded side but have been unlucky to draw Kuwait as the fourth seeds.

Over in Group C, Hong Kong have a very tough draw as Iran and Iraq will cause a lot of problems. I can then see the side finishing above Cambodia and Bahrain.

The next group with East Asian representation in Group F as we have Japan and Mongolia in this one. I think it would not of matted who Japan drew as they must see themselves as huge favourites to qualify. As for Mongolia, they have done well to get this far and it would just be great if they could get at least three points.

As for Group H, we have a Korean derby in this one and we have to be excited about this. As the two countries look to make fresh relationships this match could prove to be a political one also. As with Japan, this is a group South Korea will look to win comfortably.

As for North Korea, they have looked poor in recent years and had a dreadful Asian Cup, they have though recently defeated India and Tajikistan and could be turning a small corner. 

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