We're playing for the dogs - Tavern of Taeguk Warriors fantasy league for good

We were invited to join the Tavern of Taeguk Warriors Fantasy Premier League, but the good guys over at the Tavern are putting a bit of a twist on it, whoever wins their league gets to nominate a charity of their choice, and the Tavern boys and girls will make a donation to the winners nominated charity! Good stuff!  

Mary's Doggies

I had a long hard think about which charity I would like to nominate, in the unlikely chance that I actually win the thing. We nominated a charity based in Taiwan that is close to my heart - Mary's Doggies.

Mary's Doggies help stray dogs be re-homed in Taiwan, and also abroad. There is an abundance of stray dogs in Taiwan, as the government changed the law regarding strays, where it is currently against the law to put down any stray dogs. This means the shelters are now full, and they have stopped housing stray dogs, a lot of shelters now run a policy of neutering the dogs and returning them to where they found them in an attempt to stem the birth rates of strays.

However, this leaves a lot of stray dogs (and cats) vulnerable to things such as: being caught in illegal traps, being attacked by other animals, having no food or water, being attacked by people, getting ill or sick due to receiving no healthcare. A lot of Taiwanese people are kind to strays, but a lot also are not and Mary's Doggies do great work in helping as many strays as possible find a new home (a forever home as they like to term it).

So wish us luck, as we fight to win this god damn league for the doggies.

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