The CTFA working to make Kaohsiung a football city

Photo: CTFA
The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association - Taiwan's Football Association in other words) vice president Xiao Yongfu and deputy secretary general Jiao Jiahong attended a meeting at the Kaohsiung Municipal Government Sports Development Bureau to discuss football development and participation in Kaohsiung

A new team that belongs to Kaohsiung

A new team is being created in Kaohsiung which will be called CNCP football team, the new team will obviously look to take part in the Taiwan Premier League in the future. This side will be seen as opening up new opportunities for football in the city of Kaohsiung which is located in southern Taiwan.

However, Kaohsiung already has a team - Taipower, so it remains to be seen whether creating another club will be useful or not. One thing that the CTFA could be trying to achieve, which would be an extremely positive move, is to copy the K-League and J-League in creating city government funded teams. If the marketing and promotion are linked together with the city club, it could be the start of a team that is truly representative of some geographical location in Taiwan, rather than a microcosm of society which isn't going to yield long term results in football promotion.

The fact that it is labelled as a corporate football club though makes me presume something similar to teams like Taipower and Datong is being created. If that is the case, then I do not see the benefit in it, but the effort is there for sure which has to be applauded.

New stadium from a forward-thinking project

The new team in Kaohsiung are also building a new stadium, which is due for completion in 2022. This stadium will be used as part of Taiwan's bid to host the 2023 Women's Asian Cup. The cooperation between Kaohsiung City Government and the CTFA is part of a drive to promote football in Taiwan, and enlisting the help of city governments could be a good thing in this aspect.

The CTFA believe that the city could truly become one of the first cities in Taiwan where football culture takes hold. They have stated that they will be hosting some World Cup matches there, but it is unclear at the moment. 

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