Taiwan manager's ingenuity

Louis Lancaster showed why he has been doing so well in his role as Taiwan manager today when he tweeted out that he has been doing interviews all week regarding Taiwan's World Cup qualifying. That is because the picture showed his ingenuity by making good use of Subbuteo.

A tweet of one picture shows why Louis is doing so well 

Taiwan manager Louis Lancaster has shown why he has been doing so well so far since he was appointed by the CTFA. On the desk where he had the interviews was his Subbuteo table all set up with two teams ready to go at it.

Clearly, this is being used to discuss tactics instead of a whiteboard, or some other such device. This shows the kind of thinking out of the box ingenuity that is needed to succeed in any job, let alone a career in football.

The best thing about using a Subbuteo table to discuss tactics, is it can actually double up as a real game of Subbuteo if you have spare time, are bored or nothing else to do, you can give someone a game.

It's no wonder Taiwan has been doing so well since his appointment, creative ideas and methods are no doubt what players need to keep them stimulated, and this one tweet has shown Louis has what it takes to be creative and inventive enough to take Taiwan through to the third round of World Cup qualifying for the first time in their history!

We have been assured floodlights, and stands are currently on their way to the CTFA offices, to create that in-match atmosphere, that the pitch is currently lacking! Genius! 

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