Seoul E-Land - the Tofu Bowl Football Manager Career

I wanted to start a Football Manager career where we would manage an Asian side to glory. I was debating whether to start in Japan or South Korea, but Football Manager made that decision for me by not having Japanese sides on the game, unfortunately.

I loaded up every playable Asian league I could on the database size I am using, which is a standard large FM database. If I had made it any bigger my laptop would blow up, would run like its being powered by hamsters in a wheel. The leagues in question are; South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, India, and Indonesia so in theory, I can play in any of these leagues as my career goes on. 

Becoming Seoul E-Land manager

After much Twitter discussion where I went through two other clubs before becoming E-Land manager, the decision was finally taken to embark on the toughest challenge South Korea has to throw at me by accepting everyone's challenge of becoming the manager of Seoul E-Land, Korea's whipping boys.
The two clubs I joined before bailing on them in an instant were Ulsan Hyundai, who I managed for one full minute, and Ansan Greeners, where I lasted about 30 seconds in the job role before I quit.

Seoul E-Land were clearly taking a risk on a manager with such a track record, but with the record, they have in the K-League they hardly had many options, to begin with, and found themselves rummaging in the bargain bucket, finding a Geordie messiah.

Preseason and the transfer window

On being appointed manager of the club, the first task was to go and ask my assistant for a rundown of the team's ability. Then to my horror, the club doesn't have an assistant manager. The fitness coach is on assistant manager tasks.

Therefore that urgently became the first task at hand, on doing a staff search, not many assistant managers from K1 or K2 were interested in joining us, so I had to dig deeper into the world of Korean football and rob some university side of their manager so he could be my assistant. Kim Yong-kab of Dongguk University answered my plea, and they were compensated with £40,000 for it which I thought was a bit too much, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Yong-kab had a decent history in footy, so I reasoned with myself that he will come in useful, stints at Seoul, and Gangwon stood out and is what made me pick the geezer. I then went to scout some players that I could sign to get me out of K-League 2, and to my horror, I saw we also didn't have one bloody scout at the club.

This prompted me to go back into the staff search market in order to find the best possible scout I could get. I found the best regen who was a free agent so I could save money for the transfer budget in order to add depth to my squad. Once the scout was hired I put him to work scouting K-League 1 side reserves and the North Korean national team (because North Koreans count as homegrown players in South Korea).

As it turned out, a lot of North Koreans came back with good scout reports and cost £1,000 per player roughly in transfers and the same in weekly wages, so it was a no brainer to buy all of them with a decent scout rating. This beefed out my squad in order to compete, but also made me pretty much be playing in the K-League 2 as the North Korean national team!

As players were continuing to be signed up, preseason began and to say preseason went well would be an understatement. The only blip on the results in the preseason was when I asked the club to register my tour to Thailand squad for the games against Muangthong and Chamchuri United and they decided to sign up the first team keeper, and the U18 team! Talk about rubbish support from the club.

Our first game in charge at the club was a preseason friendly against Kyunghee University, and it couldn't have gone any better. We deployed an attacking 3-3-3-1 formation which sounds a little odd, but we wanted to begin on the front foot. Begin on the front foot is what we did, getting a resounding 10-0 win. Could we have stumbled upon gold with our tactics on day 1? Only time will tell, but this was an outstanding result. The results flowed as the friendlies went on, and every opponent got a hammering, apart from the ones during the admin mistake by the club!

From those preseason games, it looked like our tactics could be spot on for going into the season with, yes we conceded a couple along the way, but more often than not the all-out attack approach was too much for the opponents, and this could be what will get us into K-League 1!
This formation has proven to be a success in our preseason schedule, because of its success, we are going to open our first K-League 2 campaign with the same attacking setup. If the league continues were the preseason has left off, then the rest of the league won't be able to stop us as we stomp on past them on our run to K-League 1.

Keep following us for progress, as this is just the start of world domination for Seoul E-Land.

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