Seoul E-Land (FM) - A terrible start to the season

With preseason over, we now had 33 days to wait until our first match in charge Seoul E-Land, away to Bucheon 1995. Optimism was high going into the season we, therefore, decided to tell the board we're going to win the league.

33 days until Bucheon

Preseason was superb, it had all three of us staff buzzing to get the season underway, and the game against Bucheon couldn't arrive quick enough. As the days were ticking down though I wanted to have another dabble in the transfer market.

I still had £200k in the transfer kitty, but my wage budget was over the expected £52,700 a week, with the club spending a whopping £61,377 a week on wages. I have tried to ship some players out, but there is no interest in any players from the leagues usual whipping boys and I am struggling to get the deadwood off the books.

With all that said and done, I still could get over the fact I was restless and decided to get over that with a dabble into the free market. I decided to target a foreign signing, I already have three foreign players on the books in Brazilian Daniel Santos Silva, Venezuelan Daniel Febles and Argentinan, Diego Bielkiewicz. I want to get every single one of these players out of the club but will most likely need to wait a full season to do it. They're all strikers but not one of them meets my standards, the fact I want all these sold is what made me look for a new foreign player.

I offered a trial to Lazarus Kaimbi a Namibian winger/striker who seemed like he would be good enough for K-League 2 and was willing to join for low enough wages to make me interested enough to offer him a contract. He was the last player brought to the club and the only non-North Korean signing that we made this transfer window.

Bucheon away, the first game of the season

A raft of new signings, a bloody fantastic preseason, what exactly could go wrong when E-Land rock up to the Bucheon stadium backed by a terrific 851 fans. Only a handful of new signings were bedded into the starting lineup with a first win being expected, by the manager, club, fans and even bookies.

Lining up in the new ultra attacking 3-3-3-1 formation, we were expected to take the game to Bucheon and hammer the goals in throughout the game like a vampire slayer crushes his stake into a vampires heart.

The attacking lineup was working, and E-Land were on top throughout the game, racking up a staggering 16 shots on goal, but my fears about the limited ability of our strike force were laid bare right before my eyes, as only 4 (FOUR!!!!) of those 16 shots found the target. This was a worrying sign as we kept plodding away to find a goal.

Well, things went from good to bad, to just outright shit, in other words, Bucheon scored and won the game 1-0 but only racked up 7 shots, with 3 on target. Not the start we were expecting! Not the bloody start we needed if we are going to justify our bold claims and win the league.

It's only the first game, things will pick up once we click

Gyeongnam (H), Daejon (A), Cheongju - FA Cup (H), Seongnam (H) and Ansan (H) was our next run of matches, after one game and how many shots at goal our attacking formation threw at Bucheon, we kept faith with it. The reason for keeping the faith was this, you can't have that many shots on goal every game and get hammered, surely not.

Gyeongam rocked into town, and we were certain we were gonna smash them because confidence is high in the Geordie Messiah. It didn't turn out as we expected, again we had loads of shots on goal, 13 shots, but more worryingly than the Bucheon match only 1 (ONE!!!!) on target! We lost the match 2-0.

Daejon away rolled around and we had played 2, lost 2, conceded 3 and scored none, oddly confidence was still high that this team just needed to click considering how many new players were brought in during preseason. 

Again we seemed to dominate play in the oppositions half, having 12 shots with 5 on target and thankfully we came away from Daejon with a 1-1 draw. We were winning the game until the 88th minute when a deflected Daejon shot wrong-footed our keeper and flew into the net. Two minutes to hold on for our first win as E-Land boss, thrown away, but a point is a point and we needed that! A loyal 162 fans saw us get our first point in Daejon, and for that, we love the hardy souls!

Our cup match against Cheongju was as pish as it was expected to be, we battered their goal the whole game, scored 5 and should have had 10 if our strikers could hit a barn door. Next game the young North Korean lads is getting chucked in the deep end upfront to see if they can do the business.

Things returned back to type in the league, as the North Korean youngsters couldn't help us win games, but they did manage to score more league goals than we had scored up until now, losing two home matches against Seongnam (4-2) and Ansan (2-1). Things weren't going so well for the Geordie Messiah in Korea despite his optimism. Can he turn it around and pick things up in the future?  

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