Seoul E-Land (FM) - tactics thrown out the window

After our terrible start to the season, we found ourselves rooted to the bottom of the table. Something had to be done to stop the rot, before the Geordie Messiah was booted out of Seoul, and told don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. I decided to throw the tactics out the bloody window!

New tactics needed

We had set upon a sexy attacking tactic during preseason which looked like it was going to the proper boss. It turns out it wasn't, all those high scoring preseason victories meant nothing at all when the real stuff rolled around, and it turned out we are just not a good enough side to play such an open tactic.

We had no plan B, only a plan A was thought of before the season started, which is very Pardewesque. I really just thought because the wins in the preseason before the league started meant that we had a good enough set up to smash the league and roll easily into K-League 1. Well, the wake-up call had arrived after defeats against Bucheon, Gyeongnam, Daejon, Seongnam, and Ansan so a change of system was mulled over.

New tactics bring the wins and a surge up the league

So far I have changed from my sexy attacking tactic and decided to use a mixture of two weird tactics. These have worked much better than the one that I had planned to use from the preseason. Two setups, one is a take on the 3-4-2-1 formations, and the other is a take on a 4-4-2.

Oddly, using a mixture of these two instead of my original option have seen the wins come flooding in, and we have surged right up the table. Since the tactical change we have got wins against; Busan, Anyang, Daejon Korail (FA Cup), Suwon FC, Anyang (again) and drew with Asan. We have only lost two matches against Gyeongam and Seongnam, with both of these sides looking strong contenders for promotion, and the sides we are planning to usurp. Let's hope my new tactics work for the long run. 

Next up - Ulsan Hyundai (A) - FA Cup 5th round

Next up for the E-Land boys is Ulsan away in the FA Cup 5th round, this will see the Geordie Messiah's mighty E-Land army rock up at one of Korea's best clubs. With Henderson, himself has been quoted as saying, "We aren't going there to be afraid, we are going there to give them a spanking"! Henderson boldly went on, "confidence is high with the boys, we reckon we can take anyone the form we are in now. Ulsan should be worried, they should be very worried and I would love it, just love it if we beat them love it"!.
We will bring you the FA Cup result and review in the next instalment of Seoul E-Land FM.

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