Rafa is really heading to China

Last week we suggested that Rafael Benítez was wanted by Dalian Yifang in the CSL, at the time the Spanish manager was still contracted to Newcastle United. Since then it has all changed and the man as left his role with Newcastle United and is thought to be heading to China in a deal worth £12million. 

Rafa wants to win 

The former Liverpool coach this week talked about why he left Newcastle as he said to Chronicle Live "I wanted to stay, 100 per cent.

"I wanted to develop a project, to be competitive, to compete in the cups and to be as close as possible to the top of the league, but you have to have the tools.

"If you don’t, then you suffer because you’re at the bottom of the table, every point is massive and you know that a mistake could mean relegation.

"That would be a disaster for the whole city.

"That responsibility, the fact we were suffering in every game just to get a draw, is something I couldn’t manage for another three years. I couldn't stay there just to be bottom.

"It wasn’t my idea when I went to Newcastle.

"The idea was the top ten, top eight and then maybe try for Europe later on.

"If the people at the top of the club had the same ideas, I would still be there."

This suggests that the man is a winner and the positive part of my brain has me thinking he is going to China to make a real impact on the league and not just pick up that pay cheque. I guess time will tell which one it is.

As no deal is confirmed yet, we will wait and see how this story unfolds but it is looking very much like the 59-year-old is heading to China. 

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