Nightmare World Cup Qualifying draw for Hong Kong

Hong Kong went into the draw for the 2022 World Cup Qualifying as a pot 4 team, which meant they would have ended up with a tricky draw regardless, but the one they were handed is a draw straight from the depths of hell itself! 

We don't want North Korea again

A lot of talk before the draw on Twitter from Hong Kong fans was how they didn't want to end up playing North Korea again. With the fans were sick of the sight of them, as the two have been paired together in previous World Cup and Asian Cup qualifying draws, and the fans said enough is enough for god's sake. No more North Korea.

Well, after the draw I saw a lot of Hong Kong fans say, shit! Bring back North Korea! Why was that you ask?
That's because Hong Kong was pulled out the draw with Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Cambodia. Not many qualifying groups have three teams who have just recently played at the Asian Cup, but Hong Kong's does. Even the fifth-seeded side Cambodia was one of the stronger ones in pot 5 and will be a tough matchup for Hong Kong regardless of rankings. Hong Kong will have done well to finish this group with a couple of draws.

Iran and Iraq one of the worst outcomes 

Iran was the top seed from pot 1, Iraq was the top seed from pot 2. Bahrain was the 3rd top seed in pot 3, and Cambodia was the 2nd top seed in pot 5. This puts into perspective the draw scenario for Hong Kong.

Not only are Iran and Iraq the most difficult opponents Hong Kong could face from pots 1 and 2, the travel time going to Iran and Iraq (who have been cleared by the AFC to play their games at home) plus Bahrain will be a nightmare. Each destination will take somewhere between 10 to12 hours of travel time alone, which is a long old trek.

This all adds to the difficulty level of the group, and I wouldn't be surprised if Hong Kong finished bottom with only a handful of points, they really need to take points off Bahrain and Cambodia to help their ranking because you can't see them winning their matches against Iran or Iraq.

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