Manchester City accused of lacking dignity and respect for Chinese fans and media

So the news came out of China yesterday that Manchester City rocked up to the Premier League Asia trophy with a level of arrogance that was uncalled for, and unnecessary. 

Fans can only meet players if they buy a VIP ticket 

Four teams took part in the Premier League Asia Trophy; Man City, Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and West Ham United. Only one of these four teams made their fans need a VIP match ticket to ensure they had a chance of meeting their heroes - Manchester City.

Fans had to pay roughly 140 quid for their VIP ticket in Nanjing, and then if they wanted the same in Shangai, would have to pay another 140 quid again. For any football fan, that is a silly amount of money if you have it to piss away or not.

The article in Xinhua news said that Man City didn't even bother interacting with the fans who went early or hung around late in an attempt to say hello, get a selfie or their shirt signed or whatever. Just waltzed right past them onto their team bus, and off they went. To not even shake some hands, say hello, get a few selfies, no wonder the article came out about their arrogance.

It doesn't matter how successful you are, it doesn't matter how wealthy you are, or how famous you are manners cost nothing, and obviously, that works both ways too and the same applies to fans. Every team is there to make money, and try to exploit (develop) the Chinese market but at least the other clubs engaged whereas with Manchester City it's obvious they want the money and aren't bothered if the fans are happy with them or not.

Segregating the media

The article from Xinhua pointed out how Man City decided to treat the Chinese press and the foreign press completely differently. This to me comes across as extremely odd and gives off a proper Brexit Britain mentality.

Why would you even treat them any differently, like not allowing the press to an arranged Puma media event, or making them watch videos of the Man City TV asking questions so they can report what the club asked their own players? Accusations flying around that Man City wanted to control the trip and the information that is passed out to the media.

They did do some talk about expanding their global footprint into China or some other such bollocks, one paragraph of the whole article explained how abysmal Man City's attitude was. The one that states Wolves were absolutely brilliant, and have won over a load of new fans in China, but the killer line was this - even Newcastle, despite arriving under a cloud of off-field negativity, treated China with the utmost respect and dignity.

Even Newcastle managed to come across better in Nanjing and Shanghai than Man City, and that is when the club is in complete disarray.

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