Man City score six in Hong Kong among peaceful protests

We reported earlier in the week about the Man City side lacking dignity and respect for Chinese fans and media. However, on Wednesday they were in the news again as they crossed the border to Hong Kong in a match which was famed for protests by the locals. 

A peaceful match  

On Wednesday 24th July Manchester City took on Kitchee of Hong Kong in a game that ended 6-1 to the English champions. The result or the performance was not what was important though this time for the large crowd at the Hong Kong Stadium. 

This was due to the fact that a match of this scale gave the Hong Kong people a chance to protest. The country as been protesting now for months due to The 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests. 

To go away from football a moment the worry is that in Hong Kong their democracy could be under threat with the chance of the Communist Party of China gaining more control. This as then been met with large protests through the country and in recent days we have seen these protesters attacked by reportedly Chinese triad members. 

Then with a football match against one of the wealthiest clubs in the world when better to show how you feel. This is exactly what fans of Hong Kong football did as they held peaceful protests which funnily enough where not broken up by scenes of violence. 

Signs of protests were heard inside the ground with chants of "Free Hong Kong". While on 21 minutes of each half, marking an attack by a stick-wielding mob on July 21, fans singing "Do You Hear the People Sing", the Les Miserables song which has been adopted as a protest anthem, followed by more loud chants of "Free Hong Kong!"
Banners were seen around the ground also with one within the 20,926 reading "No China extradition, HK = police state, please save HK!!"

Meanwhile Pep Guardiola a man from Catalonia a country Spain will not allow independence too seemed sympathetic to the Hong Kong people as he said "Sometimes it's a shame this kind of things happen but we were quite well, we moved around Hong Kong and nothing happened and today the game was quite normal. When both sides (protesters and government) arent ready and able to find a solution, that is going to happen."

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