Macau fan protest

The Macau FA refused to send their national team to Sri Lanka for the second leg of their World Cup Qualifier against the country. Macau was 1-0 up after the first leg and had one foot in the second round for the first time in their history. 

Macau FA refuse to send their team to Sri Lanka 

The AFC had made it clear to the side that they had assessed Sri Lanka and the security put in place for the game and deemed it safe enough for them to travel there. That ran counter to what the Macau FA thought and they demanded the game be played at a neutral venue.

The Sri Lankan FA refused, and then Macau decided they wouldn't go there to play citing safety concerns. As it happens, the news was sent out by some Macau players that the issue was the FA couldn't or wouldn't get insurance for the players, therefore the Macau FA outright refusal to travel there ended up in the country being kicked out of the World Cup.

The players made different protests, to their own FA, to the AFC, to FIFA, but none of them helped their own FA overturn their decision, and Macau were eliminated by not turning up to play the second leg of their qualifying match. That meant Sri Lanka were given a 3-0 win and won the tie 3-1 on aggregate.

The fans are still raging

The Macau fans are clearly still raging about what happened, and are still angry at their FA, and have now decided that they will make a protest against them during the Southampton vs Guangzhou R&F game in the city.

They have called for all fans to turn up to the ground in black t-shirts, and I presume they'll be hurling abuse at the FA throughout. The FA deserve all their getting as this was Macau's best chance of getting to the second round, for the first time in their history.
The fans have every right to be angry, as this could set Macau football back 10 or 20 years. Funnily enough, the Macau FA still bang on about supporting football and development and such as after they've snatched the chance of a lifetime from their players. Go figure, as long as the money is still rolling in, the FA will crack on as they like.

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