Juventus to play K League elect

This week ticketing information was announced for the up and coming friendly between Juventus and a K League elect. It was confirmed last month this match would go ahead after reports in May suggested rumours of the game were untrue. 

A money making scheme  

The match with the champions of Italy and a K League elect side is clearly a money making scheme for the league. As the match is due to take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium with a capacity of 68,476 it will be interesting to see if it sells out.

On Monday ticket details were announced and with most of this in Korean and I could not understand it all but I can see that prices range from ₩400,000 (£272.00) to ₩30,000 (£20). I imagine that the tickets costing ₩400,000 will be for corporate but even still crazy money for a friendly match.

The amount of cash for this match and the fact it is clearly a money making scheme as putting K League fans off the game. I have seen many social media posts about this event being negative with big fans of the league stating no interest in watching.

I can imagine this is the view of most die-hard fans of the league who attend matches weekly but this came is aimed at fair weather fans. This will be for football fans in Korea who love Son Heung-min but probably can't name many K League players.

The same type of fans you get in the UK who love Liverpool, Manchester City etc but could not tell you players from their local side. For this reason, I would guess the crowd for this match will still be a big one.

Ronaldo and Ramsey

Then with players such as Ronaldo, Ramsey and co likely to be on show for the Italians, I am sure there was a big rush for tickets. The game taking place on the 26th July will also feature a K League elect side that is voted for by fans of the K League which is a nice feature. 

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