Japanese officials officiate the Malaysian cup final

The Malaysian FA decided to get Japanese officials to run the rule over the Malaysian cup final which was contested between Perak and Kedah. This cooperation is a part of a memo of understanding between the two countries.

Malaysian FA get Japanese officials in for the final

The Malaysian FA made an agreement with the Japanese FA to allow Japanese referees and assistants to run the rule over the Malaysian Cup final. 

Japan has a memo of understanding with a lot of countries, as they are an FA that is working tirelessly to raise the standard of football in Asia. The JFA do great work in this regard and are working in a lot of countries, the theory employed; is that if the level in Asia raises a lot then the improved competition will help sides achieve better positions at the World Cup finals.

Japan should be applauded for this kind of approach, and the work they do in this area, because if they do help to improve other nations levels greatly then they risk losing their spot at the finals. They're not afraid clearly, and higher-level competition will be better for Asia in general.

Kedah win the trophy

Perek went on to win the trophy 1-0 in extra time against 10 men Kelah. The new straits times commented that the Japanese officials were strict as they controlled the game well. 

The paper said, "Referee Takuto was strict, flashing a total of four yellow cards in the opening 45 minutes." And, "Japanese match officials, led by referee Okabe Takuto, did a fantastic job in officiating the match as there were no controversial decisions." So it can be considered a job well done for the boys from Japan. 

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