Is Gareth Bale going to the disco with Mrs. Jiangsu

Big news came out of Real Madrid, they don't want Gareth Bale anymore, this has been something that has been known for quite some time. If the constant rumours are to be believed then China has been interested in him for some time too, could this be the year it happens? 

Is Bale going to Jiangsu

"Do the twist in the twisting outfit
The loose tie with, the loose limp wrists
Lift your dress enough to show me those shins
Let your hair stick to your forehead"

None of us really know if Bale is, or isn't going to China, but Twitter has been rife with rumours that it is so. China has really been flirting with Bale for such a long time now, and it goes all the way back to when Wales were invited to play in the China Cup on the back of Gareth Bale's fame.

There were allegedly conditions in the clause for that tournament stating if Wales didn't bring Bale in their squad, then they would be financially penalised from their pot of prize money they were expecting.

The rumours began back then, and they have never gone away. They seemed unrealistic then, and it still seems kind of unrealistic now, but the noise surrounding the rumour is only getting louder and louder that there is likely some truth in it.

What I believe is Chinese clubs or a single club in China have wanted Bale for a long time, and their interest has never gone away. Are they finally going to put an end to flashing their shins at each other and do the twist?

Transfer rumours from China

With all transfer rumours that come out from China, it is difficult to decipher which ones seem real and which seem made up by clubs or agents who are obviously trying to extort a bigger transfer fee or a bigger salary from the club they're intending to join.

By throwing unnamed Chinese club is interested in offering my client £250,000 a week, they can attempt to push their deal up at the club they really are interested in joining. Some clubs may panic and buy it, some clubs may not. It's a tried and trusted tactic by most people changing jobs, exaggerating your salary, we've all done it, and footballers are clearly no different.

Therefore with a high percentage of footballers looking for a transfer using China as a barometer to squeeze a better deal out of clubs, they're negotiating with; it then makes it pretty difficult to attempt which are real and which aren't.

On the Bale transfer, I believe interest from Jiangsu is real, but it clearly all hinges on whether or not Bale is willing to move to China. 

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