Gareth Bale to Jiangsu - move back on

Gareth Bale's big-money transfer to Jiangsu Suning in the Chinese Super League looks to be back on, after rumours earlier in the week claimed it was off. Reports suggest he could be declared a Jiangsu player by tomorrow.

Gareth Bale finally moves to China

Ever since Wales 6-0 win against China in the China Cup a few years back, there have been constant rumours coming out that Chinese clubs really want to sign Gareth Bale. We have no way of checking if those rumours were true, or if Chinese clubs have always been Jiangsu Suning, but either way a club, or clubs in China have been admirers of Bale for some time because the rumours have never gone away.

It is reported that Bale will make £1million a week by moving to Suning and I believe this would make him the best-paid player on the planet. There are reports that Bale has fallen out of love with football at Real Madrid, and there are plenty of articles in the media stating how much of clique club Madrid is. As if not being able/or willing to learn Spanish is that much of a major issue really.

Don't get me wrong, if he didn't learn any Spanish because he was unwilling too, then it would be an annoyance, however you see the bloke smash in the goals to win the Champions League and I reckon you'd think we best give the lad a break he just helped us win the Champions League.

Clearly Madrid as a club and players have an arrogance about them, where they think Bale should do as they wish, and to a point that is true, because he is their employee but as long as he is doing his job to a standard that is expected then there should be no issues, but there is, and that is how Madrid has operated for years.

Moving to China, Bale will come up against a much more difficult language than Spanish in Mandarin, but Jiangsu will for sure get Bale a full-time translator to help him with his every need, and I believe the club will be a lot more accommodating to him than Madrid will have ever been in his time there. Imagine bulging the onion bag with the goals to win the Champions League, but the club doesn't like you because you struggle with the language.

He will struggle in China with the language but have more support, and be allowed to have the free time he wants/and needs. Some folk just like alone time and there isn't jotted all wrong with that.

Waste of a career, greed greed greed, he should have taken a pay cut

So I have been traipsing through the comments regarding Bale's prospective move to China, and the common theme runs throughout regardless if it's commenting on the BBC, SkySports or the Bleacher Report. The theme is constant, Bale is greedy, Bale's career is finished and over, Bale should have taken a pay cut to remain in Europe.

1. Is Bale wasting his career? How can a career be wasted when you've won so much already, he has clearly won enough in his career to not be considered a waste. A cracking player for Tottenham and Real Madrid, if he went back to Tottenham would he not also be wasting his career because you win nothing there either.

2. Bale is greedy! Aren't all footballers at the top level. Name me one player who doesn't want to get the best possible pay they can, name me one average Joe Bloggs who also doesn't want to earn the best salary they can? Yep, every man, woman and dog would jump at the chance to for a pay increase that is close to double your current pay. No matter if it is £200 a week or £600,000 a week. We all would like to double our pay without a doubt.

3. He should have taken a pay cut. Come on folks, get real. Who in their right mind would take a pay cut, next time someone offers you more money to work for them, stop and think god I am a greedy man, I should tell them I don't want a pay increase to join them, I want a pay cut!

Indeed. Get real, who in their right mind would want a pay cut. No one, footballers are still people at the end of the day, even though those at the top level are minted they will still think of money as most folks do.

Is moving to China a good move for Bale

Financially it is brilliant for Bale and his family, he could set up everyone for life. Career-wise is it a good move, I personally don't think so. Maybe if he does well in China he will regain the confidence he has lost at Real Madrid in the last season or so.

Career-wise, he isn't getting dropped from the Wales squad wherever he plays, and what are the chances of him winning more trophies with another European club than he has done at Madrid. Tottenham was confirmed as wanting him, but we all know Tottenham win nothing even if they do get to finals. Will he win trophies in China, that is debatable considering Suning are not one of the major teams in the CSL.

Either way, it is a good move for Bale in some ways and bad in other ways, it is a great move for the CSL and Suning. What is to say moving to Europe would be any better than moving to China though, he could still join a club and be a complete flop as there is no guarantee moving to the Premier League will continue to allow Bale to have a successful career. 

So it is exactly that, moving to China can be good for Bale, it can be bad for Bale but he will still be the main man for Wales wherever he goes. 

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