Choi Kang-hee available on a free, Mike Ashley straight on the blower

Choi Kang-hee has just been replaced by Rafa Benitez at Dalian Yifang and is now without a club to manage, meaning he is a free agent which is the stuff of Mike Ashley dreams.

Free agent, and experience of working with nut jobs 

Choi Kang-hee is a free agent now, after being replaced at Yifang by Rafa Benitez which means he could be making Mike Ashley have fantastic dreams, the kind you get once you become a 'bigger lad' and wake up with wet and sticky bed sheets. That is because Fat Mike loves anyone who comes on a free and saves him a bucket load of dosh.

Yes, we all know that the usual candidates such as; the likes of Mark Hughes and all the other sorry chumps who get linked with jobs in England on the regular when they become available. Ashley could likely undercut them all by offering Choi Kang-hee a zero hours contract, it's unknown whether Choi Kang-hee would fall for signing on the dotted line of the zero hours, as I don't believe he will have heard of it before and with Ashley's penchant for lies; then he could easily spin the poor fella a massive yarn to get his signature.

Choi Kang-hee has some limited experience of working with clubs who run shambolically, after he decided to move to China, from the most successful team in the K-League - Jeonbuk - to manage Tianjin Quanjian the club then suddenly came close to folding as their owners were accused of false advertising and illegal marketing. Choi upped sticks and left for Dalian, who has now dumped him for Rafa the Gaffa.

He's won plenty of shiny pots, including two! Yes, two Champions Leagues

Choi, when he left South Korea was and as far as I am aware still is the most successful coach in the South Korean K-League. He won six league titles, two Asian Champions Leagues, and one FA Cup. When Ashley recruits him, and the Newcastle fans ask, "Choi, who?" The response from the Sports Direct that seller would likely be, "How the hell can you not know a manager in football who has won so much? And you call yourself the best fans in the world, Jeeez bloody Louise!"

Won loads, most successful manager ever in his league, a lovely zero hours contract, that's what you'd call a Mike Ashley wet dream, and I wouldn't be amazed if he was having a whip round with his little lapdog Lee Charnley as I type this blog to pay for the phone call to China or Korea, or wherever Choi is spending some downtime. Choi to the Toon, on a zero hours heard it here first people! 

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