Beijing Renhe hoping Dutch courage can keep them up

Beijing Renhe is having a terrible time of it and at present look set to be playing in China League One next season. To try and stop the rot they have bought in a Dutch forward by the name of Elvis Manu formally of Feyenoord, Brighton, Huddersfield and Akhisarspor to name a few of his clubs. 

Manu looking to improve the side 

The much-travelled 25-year-old then gave his first interview when officially unveiled in Beijing on Tuesday. Here is what he had to say, this was translated from China's Sina Sports.

While his coach Stanojević said: "Manu's ability is very strong, I hope he will help the team in the following games." The player himself then added, "I am very happy to come to the team, having watched highlights of the team I have an understanding."

Q: How do you feel about your first impressions of Manu?

Stanojević: First of all, I am very happy to have a new player at the club. Manu who will create a lot of threats on the offensive end, including more choice for the forwards. First, there is his strength and speed, so we believe that he will give the team a lot of help in the future.

Q: How did you choose this foreign player?

Stanojević: The coaching staff and the club have always been paying attention to some foreign aids. Every day, I watch a lot of videos to choose, but I think according to our current situation, we need a fast player with a strong personal ability on the offensive end. For a player with the ability, Manu is indeed a player we really want, and his performance should be the best among these candidates, so we chose him.

Q: You had a very difficult first half of the season, most of the time it was playing with just two foreign aids. Now that a new player is coming and with Masika soon to return from the African Cup of Nation. What kind of expectations do you have for the second half of the season?

Stanojević: It’s not a normal phenomenon to have so many injuries in the first half of the season. It’s been a really difficult time for the team, but I still have confidence in myself and my very good players. I believe that in the case of Manu to join and the return of Masika, we hope to stop the downturn in the second half of the season, play some wonderful games and turn the situation around.

Q: The next match is against Shandong Luneng, they have some players out through injuries and have Fellaini suspended. Is this a good time to play them?

Stanojević: Shandong Luneng have performed very well this season, and we know that they have a strong squad, so they have enough people to rotate. There are still a lot of good players available, there will be some players to make up for these positions, for us, although we lost the game in the first round in Shandong, the spirit the team showed satisfied me. This round is our home game. The results of the game are hard to predict. After all, we have a home advantage.

Although it might be a month until we improve, we need patience. I believe that our team will then get better and better.

Q: Do you think Manu will be a secret weapon in this game?

Stanojević: We don't know this yet, because we haven't specifically looked at his recent training state, and then I have to look at whether Masika can return. This is influenced by many factors, so I can't decide now.

Q: (Then to Manu) Welcome first of all, please introduce yourself?

Manu: First of all, thank you, I am Elvis Manu, I am from the Netherlands and I am 25-years-old.

Q: Tell us about your style, position and characteristics. What do you hope to bring to the team?

Manu: First of all, I can play a lot of positions on the pitch. My best position is out on the left wing. I will also play as a striker if picked to do so. According to different formations on the field, I can adjust to different positions, but the most I played is on the left. My game style is to advance to the opponent's goal area to score or give some assistance to teammates, I hope I can do this in China.

Q: Is this your first time in China? What did you know about China before arriving?

Manu: Yes, this is my first time in China. Before I came, I learned that China is a country with a large population and that Chinese cuisine is very good.

Q: What foods do you know have a good impression?

Manu: When I was in the Netherlands, there were many Chinese restaurants. I often went to Chinese restaurants to eat, but maybe because it was a Chinese restaurant opened abroad, it might have a different name.

Q: What reason did you pick this club?

Manu: I can say that I have experienced a more successful season in Turkey. I feel that I need another challenge. In the past few years, the development of the Super League has been relatively rapid. I got a lot of offers, but I was very excited when I heard the offer from China. I hope to start my new journey here.

Q: You should have some understanding of the current situation of the club. Everyone is fighting against relegation. So what improvements and help can you bring to the team?

Manu: I do know that the team is in a difficult situation now. No one in the current rankings hopes to be like this. I hope to help with some goals and assists in the up and coming matches to the side.

Q: You have limited time to get to know your teammates and train. How do you quickly get fit and get to know teammates and integrate into the side?

Manu: I don't think this is a very difficult thing, because the only common language in the football industry is football, so I can learn about my teammates through the usual training, including the game. They can also understand me. I think this is not a problem.

Q: After training with the side, what is your impression of the team's play, including the group?

Manu: I arrived on Friday 28th June. I haven’t officially teamed up with the group, but I’ve seen some of the team’s highlights before. An early view is that there are many capable players in our team. The results of many games should not be like they have been. I believe that my arrival will help the team.

Q: Is there any chance of you playing at the weekend?

Manu: I am doing this preparation myself, but after all, whether I can play or not depends on the decision of the head coach, but I am ready now.

Q: Shandong Luneng just beat Beijing Guoan a team in the same city. The next game will definitely be very difficult. If you are on the field, what kind of mentality do you have going into your debut?

Manu: I don't know much about this game, but as I said before, I have seen the highlights of our team. There are many capable players in our club. As for what I can do, I will have to see this once in a game situation. 

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