AFC 2020 Futsal qualifying threw China, Taiwan and Hong Kong together

The AFC 2020 Futsal draw threw out a group that a lot of people wanted the AFC to give us for World Cup qualifying, by putting China, Hong Kong and Taiwan into the same group. 

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the same group

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were drawing into the same group for the 2020 AFC Futsal qualifying. A lot of people wanted this to be the World Cup draw, but they will have to make do with watching it in the futsal instead. It is a 4 team group, with Mongolia the odd one out, if only Macau had been added then it could have been a full set.

It will be interesting to see where the AFC decide to play this round of qualifying games, and my guess is that they may plump for Mongolia due to the current political shenanigans going on in Hong Kong with the protests over the extradition bill, add in Taiwan's firm public support for Hong Kong and then Mongolia looks to be the safest option from the AFC's perspective. If I were the AFC, then I would be pushing for Mongolia to host the thing to save me full-on head wreckage if something did go wrong.

If the games get hosted in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan there is no reason why they shouldn't pass off peacefully but a big risk that they won't.

Japan, South Korea and Macau

Japan and South Korea will be one of the teams to get through this, as Macau looks to have no chance of progression. Not as tasty looking as the other group, but any game involving Japan vs South Korea is a good affair as they too can be quite competitive.

All in all, this futsal draw looks to be better than what was thrown out by Timmy at the World Cup one a few weeks back. With any luck, Mycujoo will pick up these games when they are played, like they have with previous futsal tournaments, either that or the AFC stream them directly to their own YouTube channel.

I wasn't a fan of futsal, but after watching it live I have to say that it is a lot more exciting than you would expect, and if it is going to be hosted near you, then give it a chance and get down to watch it, because it's mighty good fun.

The host venues have yet to be announced.

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