Taiwan lose both games at AFC U20 Futsal Championship, and are eliminated

Taiwan surprisingly qualified for the AFC U20 Championships, with it being a major achievement that they qualified. With that being said, it was likely that they would struggle to win at the finals as they had been drawn to face Iraq and Indonesia, both very good futsal sides.

First defeat to Iraq

Taiwan was drawn with Iraq and Indonesia, and they would play Iraq in their first game of the tournament. Iraq is a very good futsal nation and it proved to be a difficult game for Taiwan, but the good thing about this game was how competitive the Taiwanese lads were, they never stopped fighting and battling throughout the match and Iraq had a hard time getting the win.

In the end, it seemed to boil down to more experience of playing five aside, as no doubt plenty of street football is played throughout Iraq which helps majorly with playing futsal. My old man concurred that football is played everywhere, and on every street in Iraq, as he told me when he came back from Basra.

In Taiwan, you don't see anyone playing anything on the streets anywhere ever, probably for the fear of being mowed down by a car of a scooter. Taiwan being competitive in this game was the main thing though, and they certainly had chances of their own, if only they had a better finishing and composure the score would have been a lot closer. 5-2 isn't that bad of a result all things considered, and Taiwan did a great job of battling in this game, so credit to them for that.

Second defeat to Indonesia

For large parts of the match with Indonesia, the game was equal, the only difference being Indonesia's precision shooting. Often they would ping a shot, and pinpoint the target right at the corner of the goal, the only thing stopping them racking the score up due to their brilliant shooting was the Taiwan keeper.

This left Taiwan chasing the game throughout the match and left them open to Indonesia counter attacks, which was the culprit of a couple of goals conceded by Taiwan. Indonesia scored the best goal of the match when one of their players belted a shot from near the halfway line and their striker jumps up like a salmon to nod the ball into the top corner. The lovely goal, and continued the theme of Indonesia being lethal with their shooting.

Taiwan was competitive again and did well, and that is all that can be asked for considering their qualification for the finals came as a surprise to everyone. They can return home with their heads held high, and knocking China out of the finals will live with them forever, a story to tell the grandkids that's for sure.  

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