Taiwan bid to host 2022 Women's Asian Cup

Photo: CTFA
Taiwan has expressed their interest in hosting the 2022 Women's Asian Cup, the two countries they will be competing against are India and Uzbekistan. The AFC Women's cup is the top women's football competition in Asia.

Taiwan the outside bet

Taiwan has submitted a bid to host the 2022 Women's Asian Cup, which is the highest level competition for Women's football in Asia. Taiwan will be competing against India and Uzbekistan for the hosting rights, and as things stand I believe those two countries will currently have better facilities than Taiwan, which could work against their bid.

The workaround to this would be if Taiwan plans to build new small stadiums or convert existing run-down stadiums like the one in Banciao for the competition. If they took this option, it would tie into trying to develop the Taiwan Premier League, because if you make them size appropriate you could then let the Taiwan Premier League teams use them.

For that to work you still need the teams to represent some kind of geographical area like Taoyuan, or New Taipei City instead of Taiwan Power Company, and Fujen University.

If it had to be decided right now, Taiwan will beat any country when it comes to transportation and accommodation options. Where they would struggle would be infrastructure to host the games and training pitches, if they can solve this then they might be in with a shout.  

The China issue

The China issue needs to be discussed where any bid of this kind of nature is concerned involving Taiwan. Taiwan lost the rights to host the East Asian Youth Olympics which was supposed to be held in Taichung, and this is a quote from China-centric news outlet China Daily with their reasons why Taiwan lost the East Asian Youth Olympics:

"The revocation of the right of Taichung in central Taiwan to host the 2019 East Asian Youth Games is due to the island's failure to abandon the illusion of 'Taiwan independence', and the island's administration is fully responsible for losing the privilege."

Taiwan independence had nothing to do with the East Asian Youth Olympics, and there was no evidence connecting one to the other. Taiwan independence was used as a vehicle by China to stop Taiwan hosting international events and therefore denying them the same opportunity as other countries on the basis that the world will begin to recognise Taiwan as a country because hosting international sporting events gives the country legitimacy. 

In reality, this is not exactly true, if or when Taiwan host international sporting events, or other international events, the world won't suddenly be saying, "oh my god, Taiwan hosted the East Asian Youth Olympics, make them independent!" It just doesn't happen like that. 

So the big question all this leads to over Taiwan's bid to host the Women's Asian Cup, is would China come and play here? As China is one of the World's leading teams in the Women's game, the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) will not want to run a competition without them, will China hold back Taiwan's chances of winning the hosting rights? 

The last round of the East Asian Games was hosted in Taiwan, but only the men's section was played here when normally the men and the women often play at the same venue for each round. The women played their round of the competition in Guam when Guam was not even involved. Does this point to an indication that China would be inclined to refuse to participate if Taiwan won the rights? 

Who knows what their response would be, right now it's all guesswork and Taiwan do look to be the outside bet to win the rights, however it does show that the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) are giving their best stab at trying to make football better on this island, and for that football fans here should be grateful. 

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