South Korea lose out in U20 World Cup final

South Korea got a great start in the U20 World Cup final, but they just came up short in the end and didn't manage to go back to Seoul victorious. Still, it was a wonderful effort, despite the end to a marvellous campaign by the Taeguk Warrior boys. 

South Korea excelled in reaching the final

South Korea wasn't expected to make the final of the U20 World Cup, they weren't expected to go deep into the tournament, but that is what they did. Unfortunately, they came up against another unfancied team, that is in exceptional form of late - Ukraine.

South Korea was rightly awarded a penalty in the opening minutes of the game after a correct VAR decision. After that, however, Ukraine controlled much of the match and it was unclear whether they are actually that much better than Korea, or they just dealt with the nerves of being the final better. No one can know the answer to that but the players themselves, either way regardless of the fact they didn't win the final, the Korean U20 team will return to South Korea to a hero's welcome and a parade has been put on for them in Seoul.

Lee Kang-in wins player of the tournament

Lee Kang-in was a big reason for Korea getting to the finals, the Valencia man has been brilliant in the U20 World Cup finals, and deservedly won player of the tournament. It will be interesting to see if he will get more playing time at Valencia after his showing at this competition, or if other clubs will be taking a look at him in the interest of signing him permanently or on loan.

Twitter was alive with tweets saying that he is the first player aged 18 to win player of the tournament at the U20 World Cup. The last player to apparently win it at that age was Lionel Messi if Lee Kang-in even gets to half the level and ability of Lionel Messi then South Korea will have some player on their hands.


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