Son Heung-min ends season on the losing side

This weekend the Champions League in Europe reached its climax as Liverpool won the title over fellow English side Tottenham Hotspurs. For one Korean especially, this was to be a bad night in the form of Son Heung-min. 

Son holds back tears 

Son he is known for showing his emotions was once again seen to physically upset as his team lost the final 2-0. This was seen with the player not speaking with any reporters post-match, in fact when walking past reporters the player closed his eyes when they tried to speak with him.

This was not the actions of a bad loser but rather someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and in the end it was all a bit too much. He even apologised to the reporters for being unable to speak which shows the character of the man.

In the end, he had nothing to say sorry for as he was one of the better players and had it not been for such an early penalty call he could have been the one lifting the trophy on Saturday. As the final will most certainly not be remembered as a classic he at least was one of a few shining lights for his club and fans.

Son could not find the back of the net

In the end despite the positives and good play the Korean could not find the back of the net in Madrid. As he had a clearly unfit Harry Kane next to him the pair had a night that they'll not want to remember. 

The final was won by Liverpool in the first and last minute with a penalty from Salah and a last minute winner from Origi.  

Son Heung-min then had the task of scoring past one of the best defences in Europe one which he took on to the best of his ability. He did receive the ball often and would run at the defence but could not find that end product. The inability to find the end product was partly down to good defending but also Spurs found it very difficult to support his runs with Ali and Kane not having the best of games. 

In the match along with trying to attack, he was also having to track back and on more than one occasion he had to help out with tackles in the Liverpool half. The match ended with Tottenham and Son trying their best to get a goal but it all backfired with Liverpool making it 2-0 on the counter-attack. 

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