Rafa Benitez wanted in China

Chinese Super League Club, Dalian Yifang is reportedly trying to entice Rafa Benitez to China to manage them. They have apparently offered a whopping £12 million a year. Will Rafa go to China? 

Rafa's Toon contract

Rafa Benitez's contract runs out at Newcastle this month, and there has been uncertainty surrounding the club with a takeover apparently happening again. Then with Benitez's still not renewed, it means that Newcastle United are in the middle of the transfer window in some kind of disarray which has become normality for the club.

Benitez seemingly would like to stay at Newcastle and build something special there, but he has failed to get assurances from the clubs owner Mike Ashley over the transfer budget. He wants to have a set amount he can spend, and he wants to have full control over signings, which is something Mike Ashley is seemingly incapable of allowing. It has been widely reported that Benitez has to have any transfer over £12 million sanctioned by people above him at the club.

This has slowed down the process involved in signing new players, with Benitez looking visibly frustrated during large parts of last season. The fans of Newcastle want Benitez to stay, as he has been instrumental in uniting the club again, despite having his hands tied by Mike Ashley's controlling approach and failure to release funds to allow the club to push on. 

Will frustration drive Rafa to China?

Rafa was clearly frustrated during last season in charge of Newcastle United, but will that frustration push him out of the club and into the hands of the Chinese Super League club? I don't think so, because if Rafa was to leave Newcastle then it is likely he will either remain in England and if he doesn't remain in England, then a host of big European clubs would be eager to employ him.

Benitez has stated many times his reasons for working in England, are because he wants to stay close to his family who has settled in Merseyside. This doesn't sound like a bloke who is willing to uproot and move to China. Yifang is willing to offer him a small fortune in wages, but he won't be short of cash as it is now as he has likely been well paid in his previous and current positions.

Therefore, if Rafa does leave Newcastle when his contract runs out, I highly doubt he will end up in China. He will remain in Europe, and more than likely do his best to remain in England and close to his family.

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