Nguyễn Công Phượng off to Europe

Vietnam is a developing footballing nation in South East Asia and a positive story came out over the weekend about their star player Nguyễn Công Phượng. Although it was bad news for  Incheon United his K League side as he left Korea. 

More about the striker 

Nguyễn Công Phượng is a 24-year-old forward who has spent the last few months on loan at K League 1 side Incheon United. The player originally signed on loan till the end of the Korean season from Vietnam side Hoàng Anh Gia Lai F.C.

This loan deal was cut short though over the weekend as the player looks set to be moving to France. His time in the K League was not great though as the player didn't manage a goal in his eight matches.

His bad time was due more to the side struggling at the foot of the table though rather than his poor footballing ability. The striker record of eight goals in 31 matches for his country is a much more impressive and relevant stat.

What is next?

Then what is next for the player, well first he will join up with his country as they prepare for the King’s Cup in Thailand on Wednesday.

Although in eight matches he played just 352 minutes and failed to score, having only three shots at goal. He did make a positive impression with some in his short spell as he was praised by some in the South Korean media.

Although a Korean news outlet commented on the move "Incheon is now like a wreck on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Cong Phuong did not show any different qualities from the rest, which made the Korean side say goodbye to their number 23. They needed to clear the team. I have been following Cong Phuong's recent movements, and things are not very good, as Incheon are in a difficult situation. What they need is a player who possesses the excellent quality to help the team overcome the crisis. Unfortunately, Cong Phuong did not bring that."

The new start for the player should be good for both club and country and we wish him all the best in France. The team he is set to join as not been announced yet but it's reported to be a team in the French second tier. 

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