Media rally behind Taiwan's World Cup charge

The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) has been under new leadership for some time now, and this has seen football on the island take a new more positive direction than any time previously during my ten years of living here. This has happened with the side entering more competitions, with numerous youth events, and greater transparency, and having a good bloody go of going far in the World Cup qualifiers. 

With more transparency, Taiwan's media have taken on the challenge to support the big football push.

Taiwan transparent approach with the media

Taiwan has taken a new transparent approach with the media, and this is starting to pay off, as the media have responded by getting behind the team and giving them as much support as they can. I believe the main benefit of this approach will be seen during the World Cup qualifiers in September. Football on the island needs the media to support football in order for the game to grow and the new management at the CTFA understand this better than any previous management.

This can be seen already by Eleven Sports showing the local Taiwan Premier League and the Mulan League (Women's League) which hasn't been done before. Fox Sports have shown Fujen University in the AFC Cup games.

Both have shown the national team in various competitions and friendlies which is great for fans but is also great exposure for local football.

Print media are also getting behind the national team, with more articles and information making it out into public space where the sphere of influence can expand further than the CTFA social media pages, especially in targeting new fans.

This is a brilliant approach by the CTFA and one has to congratulate them for this new approach.

More games, more competitions, more effort

Taiwan rarely used to play matches when I first arrived in 2010, now it is completely different as the people in charge realise entering competitions and playing matches is brilliant for the development of the teams involved, be it the national team, youth sides or club sides taking part in the AFC Cup.

Taiwan is also hosting more football events, they hosted the AFC Futsal, and have declared their interest in hosting the 2023 Women's Asian Cup. With World Cup qualifying rolling around in September, Taiwan even organised a training camp that included two friendlies against Nepal and Hong Kong.

Preparing for matches this well was usually unheard of, as perviously, they'd just play a league team or something like this, and then attempt to qualify for the World Cup. The fact they are now organizing training camps and friendly matches in preparation for World Cup qualifiers which are months away shows that the CTFA is becoming more professional.

This will give Taiwan a great fighting chance of doing much better in the World Cup than last time around, and the media can rally behind them by helping to get as many people to matches as possible by getting the information out. 

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