East Asian Derby at the U20 World Cup

Lee Kang-in - photo from sportalkorea.com
The Under 20 World Cup is now in full swing and on Tuesday, Wednesday morning in East Asia, we have an East Asian Derby as South Korea take on Japan. As both teams have reached the last-16 of the U20 World Cup this should be an entertaining encounter. 

The two sides 

The match will take place many miles from each country in Poland at the Arena Lublin stadium. As both teams meet each other at this stage, it, of course, means we will have an East Asian side in the quarter-final of the U20 World Cup.

This is positive for both countries and Japan's success at the tournament has come without their best U20 player. The reason for this is that Takefusa Kubo the 17-year-old is away with the senior squad as they prepare for the Copa America.

Meanwhile, Korea's major starlet at this level is Valencia's Lee Kang-In as the tricky attacker as already proven a hit at the competition. His crossing ability and great close control have been seen in the group stage matches already.

An example of this was when against Argentina he put in a lovely left-footed cross right on to the head of Oh Se-Hun to score the opener. His importance to the side was seen once again when he was taking off before the end against Argentina with the team leading 2-0 to keep him fresh for Tuesday's match.

The match itself 

The match is sure to be an entertaining one with two sides who enjoy playing football. Both teams have some talented attacking players and this could be a fast-paced skilful match. I would be very surprised if the game does not have at least a few goals shared between the sides. 

As for Japan, it will be important that they try their best to stop Lee Kang-In as his skills to beat a man and put in a cross is one to be wary of. The blue samurai have looked good too and have only conceded one goal at the World Cup so far. 

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