Cameroon throw their toys out the pram, then accuse Chinese ref of being racist

England vs Cameroon in the Women's World Cup has been in the news a lot recently because of the behaviour of the Cameroon side, with some disgraceful tackles and awful behaviour. Now they've gone into full sour grape mode, as the racism card has been pulled.

Cameroon accuse Chinese ref of being racist

Cameroon well and truly threw their toys out the pram in the match against England at the Women's World Cup, but their antics haven't stopped there. It turns out they have accused the Chinese referee Qin Liang of racism.

It sounds like sour grapes to me, as Cameroon are now trying to justify their behaviour and have threw out the racism card, which is a low blow. That being said, if the ref was racist then obviously that is something that needs dealt with, but it does look like Cameroon are trying to justify their behaviour though.

I do get where Cameroon are coming from mind, and have been in the, "Oh god, did I really do that stuff last night?" boat myself many times. It's definitely going to be a shock to the Cameroon women watching the video back of how they acted, so in my opinion they have decided to just blame racism as the cause.

Yes, I am making a judgement about this based on what evidence I can use to go by, which isn't much but it's the good old straw man argument. Just throw out the racism card, because no one can argue against it. The problem is, the more people cry wolf, the less effective it becomes.


I could be wrong, and the referee could be racist as I am forming my opinion on what I have saw and read. Even if racism did happen, it doesn't make Cameroons actions acceptable. It would just make both behaviours bad, in the good old words of my mother dearest, "two wrongs don't make a right!" 

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