North Korea to play in Indian Intercontinental Cup

North Korea will participate in the second edition of India's Intercontinental Cup, which will take place in Bangalore from 7th to the 18th July. The North Koreans will be using this competition to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers, which start in September. 

North Korea will be seeking improvement

If North Korea wants to do well in World Cup qualifying, they will need to drastically improve on recent form. They were eliminated in the second round of the East Asian Championship for the first time in a long time, by Hong Kong which means they will miss out on the final round of that competition which takes place in South Korea.

North Korea was also easily one of the worst countries to participate at the Asian Cup, which saw them take heavy beatings in each of their matches, while they had star man, Hwang Kwang-song sent off in the first half of the first match.

If North Korea continues on this downward spiral they have been on for the last few years, then even getting to the final World Cup qualifying round would be difficult, and if they do manage to get there it should probably be seen as a success because it will have bucked the trend of them not doing well.

Hindered by outdated tactics

North Korea seem stuck in the past when it comes to their tactics, they are often seen deploying a very rigid 5-4-1 formation. This is not a fluid back 5 system also you see now where the full backs act more like wingers bombing on to support the attack.

In the North Korean version, the full back is very much a defensive player, with the back line being one of the most rigid you will see in world football today. If they stick to this style of play, I can only see the results getting worse and worse for North Korea over time.

As countries adopt more fluid systems where players positions can be interchanged at any point of the game without losing the shape, or style of play.

North Korea will need to modernise their tactics, if they are going to have any chance of making the World Cup in Qatar, because a lot of teams who could have been considered their peers, or inferior in the past are working hard to improve, meaning if the North Koreans are unable to adapt then they'll be left behind.

Then back to the tourlment in India, the teams who will take part are India, North Korea, Tajikistan and Syria.

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