Muto's tough first season in England

Yoshinori Muto was something of an unknown to most Newcastle fans before he signed for Rafa Benitez. There is one Newcastle match left, away to Fulham, but it is fair to say that Muto has encountered a tough first season in the Premier League.

Muto's difficult start in England

When Muto signed for Newcastle from Mainz, not a lot was known about him in England, regardless of what a few hipsters tell you on Twitter. So when he got his chance against Manchester United, looked good and scored, Newcastle fans were thinking he would do well in his first season at the club.

Oddly after that good performance against Manchester United, he hasn't been seen much since, with Joselu preferred over him for most of the season despite never really looking a goal threat. For a lot of the season, Muto didn't even get a look in on the bench, Rondon has been the main man then Joselu was first back up.

Towards the back end of the season, Rafa was asked about it and claimed that it was because Muto was finding it difficult to communicate with his teammates as he doesn't speak great English. This is being rectified by the club sending him for English lessons, and Benitez said the lessons have been going well.

Hopefully, he will get a chance in the last game of the season against Fulham, and show what he can do, because in that game against Manchester United he looked very busy, and not afraid of busting a gut for the cause. I really enjoyed his performance in that game and was disappointed to see him never get another decent shot all season.

He is worth keeping for next season

As Rafa and the coaching staff see what is going on, on a daily basis maybe they could have been alluding to Muto struggling to adapt to life in England, and that could be why he has struggled for game time. If that is the case, Newcastle should keep Muto for another season, then maybe if he has completely adapted he will fit in more.

He reminds me a bit of Shinji Okazaki in Leicester's title-winning season, Muto could easily do a similar job for Newcastle as Okazaki did for Leicester. Buzzing around all over the pitch, and using his high energy to press defences, but also help when the team lose the ball.

He will be an asset if he eventually manages to adapt, and the fact that he is now on the bench often instead of Joselu maybe alludes to the fact that is beginning to adapt and get used to his teammates more as the season has worn on.

If given a chance, he will make a much bigger impact for Newcastle next season.

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