Han Kook-Young looks to over come injury worries

Han Kook-young - the orginal story from Sportal Korea
Over the weekend Choe Byeong-Chan gave Seongnam an early lead but Đerić scored soon after for the visitors. Then in the sixth minute of injury time, Kim Ji-Hyun scored the winner for Gangwon. In this match, Han Kook-young of Gangwon kept his record of playing every minute of the season so far after returning from injury hell.

Han Kook-young the rock after comeback 

The match was played in heavy rain meaning that the pitch would have had an even bigger impact on Han after his injury worries. He was unconcerned though by this as he said after the match "I have been playing every game this season, I have had a lot of physical challenges today, and I have been able to win with my team' he went on to add that "I think it's positive".

After a mediocre season, last time out Gangwon has had a positive start to the new season as they sit in fifth and very much in the hunt for a Champions League spot. Now Han as emerged as a vital presence in the middle for Gangwon.

This comes after a terrible time for the player as he was out injured from November 2017 - March 2019. This was due to the player recovering for over a year from a cruciate ligament injury.

He said on the matter "The opening match of the season was hard, but when I was playing, I got better, I got a lot of support, and there was no injury. If am afraid of injuries I can not play football."

He went on to add that he can not think about injury troubles in the past and he just needs to go out on the pitch and do the best he can.

Meanwhile, Kim Byung-Soo the manager at Gangwon as helped the player a lot as someone himself who suffered from injuries in his playing days. He explained that when he was first injured Han he tried to train and this made the injury worse.

His coach, therefore, was sympathetic and helped him through as he got back to full fitness and he clearly has the confidence back.

Back to the side Gangwon, they are on a good run of form as they have won four games in a row and will look to make it five when they play Jeju United on Saturday.

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