Hamsik struggling in China

Marek Hamsik made the move to China this season to join Dalian Yifang but the move hasn't quite gone as planned so far. Hamsik did an interview with CCTV which is the equivalent of China's BBC to talk about the issues he has faced since the move to North East China.

Hamsik says the language barrier is a problem

Hamsik has said that one of the biggest difficulties he has faced since moving to China has come in the form of communication problems. As I myself have faced the challenge of learning Chinese (I still can't do reading and writing well) then I understand where he is coming from in his struggles.

Hamsik said that he wants to communicate better with his teammates on the field, and so far it has complicated things during games. He cannot shout to them on the pitch and has had to use hand gestures like some kind of snowflake warning.

If Hamsik takes the time to learn Chinese he is definitely in a better position than most to learn, the club should even be helping their foreign players out with that if they want them to be successful. Maybe that should be something for Chinese clubs to think about when signing foreigners and helping them adapt when they move to the country.

Disruption in play

Another major issue for Hamsik is how much disruption there is during the game, he said he can't believe how often the game stops for fouls, or when players are arguing with officials. Considering the type of player Hamsik is, we can understand why a game is constantly disrupted would put him out of his rhythm.

Even though Hamsik is having major issues settling in China, I personally don't think he will end up like Tevez, and just take it as a well paid holiday before jetting off to Argentina and refusing to return. I reckon Hamsik has a stronger mentality than Tevez, he definitely gives off that impression in his interview with CCTV. He doesn't come across as someone who will give up on something easily in that interview. What may not be helping Hamsik is that he has joined one of the weaker CSL teams too. Let us know in the comments if you reckon Hamsik will succeed or become another expensive flop.

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