China to host the Asia Cup?

It looks all set now for China to host the Asia Cup in 2023, as South Korea pulled out of the running to host the tournament. Then with Korea being the only other country to bid it looks set for China to have the tournament.

China wait on confirmation 

It is now understood that the CFA is waiting on final confirmation that they will be hosting the 2023 competition. This will be an interesting turn of events in China with the national side currently in turmoil this could help drive the country to succeed.

The bidding system is now a bit of a mess though as it was planned in April that the AFC General Assembly would vote on the 2023 Asian Cup bids. They then decided to postpone this till the next meeting.

South Korea had previously made a bid to host the Asia Cup and the Women's World Cup both in 2023. The thinking is then that South Korea withdrawing from the bidding on the Asia Cup will now instead host the Women's World Cup in 2023, this then allowing China to host the 2023 Asian Cup.

The AFC will meet once again on the 4th June in Paris where it is expected they will confirm China as the hosts for the 2023 Asia Cup. If this bid is successful it will be China's second Asia Cup as they hosted the competition in 2004 with the hosts losing to Japan that time out 3-1 in the final. 

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