Taiwan's warriors, charging towards the 2020 Olympics

Taiwan's women's team are one game away from qualifying for the final round of the 2020 Olympics qualifying. They face Iran in a must-win match, in the final match of the second-round qualifying. Although anything other than a win and they will be out. 

One game away from the final round 

On Wednesday, April 10th, Taiwan's women will face Iran in a must-win match. Taiwan and Iran have both won their first two group games, against Palestine and The Philippines, but Iran defeated Palestine 9-0 and therefore Taiwan have an inferior goal difference.

Taiwan is capable of defeating Iran and making it to the next round where they will find their toughest challenge so far of getting to the Olympics because they'll come up against some of the best sides from the women's game in not only Asia but in the World.

The match against Iran will kick off at midnight (local time), on 10th April, and if we find that there is a link we will share it, if there is a stream, and you're awake make sure you do support the ladies because they have been doing very well over recent years, and have been showing great improvement.

The 20 warriors fighting to get Taiwan to the Olympics

If Taiwan's women do make it to the final round, the challenge of getting to the Olympics proper is huge, but if they do manage to go one step further than they did at the Asian Games and defeat some of the best women's teams in the world they will be absolute warriors, and will deserve all the support that they will get.

The Olympics is a huge event in Taiwan, and a lot of people follow it, most likely because Taiwan's sporting teams don't do very well, but in the Olympics, they do have some athletes or teams who can win medals. When they do win medals, sometimes the convenience stores and such like give away free drinks or something like as the whole country is pretty happy about it. This is in contrast in my opinion to countries where they do well at sports and the Olympics is big but not followed as much as it could, or maybe should be. 

Good luck to Taiwan's warriors who are fighting to get a Taiwan football team to the Olympics for the first time in years, we would like to see Taiwan's public get behind them and show them the support they deserve. 

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