Taiwan U20 Futsal tournament

Taiwan qualified for the U20 Futsal championships by coming out on top in a group that consisted of Mongolia, Taiwan and China. As part of their preparation for the finals which will take place in Iran, they have organized an invitational Futsal tournament.

Taiwan invitational Futsal tournament

Taiwan will host a 4 team invitational Futsal tournament this weekend, which will take place at Taoyuan Areana, in Northern Taiwan. The four teams involved in the competition are Taiwan, Indonesia, Iran and Japan.

For those of you who don't know what Futsal is, it is a smaller sized game of football and uses a size 4 ball instead of a size 5. Each half is 20 minutes long, and each team consists of five players who can be subbed on and off at any time. The game is fast paced and very enjoyable to watch as a spectator.

The running order for the matches is as follows:

26th April
15:00 Indonesia vs Japan
19:00 China vs Iran
27th April 
15:00 Japan vs Iran
19:00 China vs Indonesia
28th April 
15:00 Iran vs Indonesia
19:00 China vs Japan

Japan and Iran are very strong teams when it comes to Futsal so it will be a good tournament, especially as the teams are preparing for the finals in Iran. Taiwan has picked some very tough opponents to prepare against, this could be seen as a good or a bad thing depending on which point of view you have.

It's good to test yourself against tough opponents but if you get hidings in every match it could smash morale which could have an effect in the finals. Who knows, only time will tell. Get out to Taoyuan and watch the matches, it'll be great fun.

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