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Hi all, so this blog entry is about how you good people that read our blogs can support us in different ways. We don't want to go down the Patreon route as we like the idea of creating a DIY football blog, like the old school fanzines. So here are some ways you can support us. 

Buying merch

We have created our own store, and we will be selling t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and bags over time we will add more and more designs to the shop. For every shirt we sell we make a small profit, this would be a great benefit to our site as it would help with running costs. On the flip side, you also get something from supporting us.

You can find all our own designs here

East Asian football shirts

We can help you locate and buy East Asian football shirts. Right now, we can certainly help you purchase Taiwan shirts as there is only one place where you can purchase them, and as far as I know, you need a Taiwanese bank account or credit card, and if you're abroad you won't have one of these.

We can help you purchase this if needed. If you are interested in buying a Taiwan football shirt, or us helping to locate any other shirts then get in touch through the contact page. 

Using our links when you buy something from Amazon 

If you shop on Amazon, like most people do, then it would be wonderful if you could help us by clicking the link on the bottom of our page, that way we will get a small commission from Amazon. It is pretty small, but will build up over time, and if you're going to buy something anyway what difference does it make. We know it's a bit of a hassle going to our page then Amazon when you could just as easily go straight to Amazon but it would be a great help and we would appreciate it. 

For anyone who supports us through any of these options we are extremely grateful and will do our best to put out as much quality content as we can in return. 

Thank you all.  

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