South Korea to host friendlies against Australia and Iran

South Korea have arranged two friendlies against Australia and Iran that will be played in Korea, these friendlies will be in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers that are due to start in September, as Paulo Bento looks to continue his work in building a South Korean style of play. 


South Korea faced Australia in Brisbane last November, and as part of the agreement, Australia will now travel to play the Koreans in Korea. This works for both countries as they start preparations for the World Cup Qualifiers (last November they were preparing for the Asian Cup) with both being considered among the elite sides in Asian football, this means they will provide each other with a stern test.

Australia will again prove a tough challenge for South Korea, just as they did in the last friendly in Brisbane, South Korea was winning that game, but the Aussies never say die attitude is always apparent in every game or even every sport they play in, and that proved to be true in their last friendly with South Korea as Massimo Luongo's equaliser in the dying seconds saved a 1-1 draw for the Socceroos. They could easily enough draw again in the next match between the pair. There is no chance of them being drawn together in the World Cup second round draw because both countries will be seeded, which means they cannot play each other until the third and final round of qualifying.


Iran is the highest ranked Asian side in Fifa World Rankings, and therefore should provide a good test for South Korea, they'll provide a similar kind of test to Australia because Iran's style of play is pretty physical. That does not mean they cannot play good football though, Iran are very rightly currently considered the best side in the Asian Continent even though they didn't win the Asian Cup, or get to the final they are a great Asian team.

The Iranians could easily rock up in Korea for their friendlies and come away with a victory, they play tough but can also be technically excellent. People assume if you play tough you're not a technical side, well that isn't the case with Iran and Korea will need to stick to their guns, and play their own style of football in order to defeat Iran.

Both sides will prove an excellent challenge for South Korea in the lead up to the World Cup qualifiers starting in September. South Korea is unlikely to face any opposition as strong as either Australia or Iran in the second group stage, and all three of South Korea, Iran and Australia will be expected to make the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar. A good round of friendlies has been arranged for South Korea, especially with World Cup qualifying in mind.

The matches will take place on June 7 and 11.

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