Mixu Paatelainen the front runner for the Hong Kong job

The Hong Kong job has been vacant for some time now, and the last we heard was that Ian Holloway was in pole position to get the job. However, news has come out today that Mixu Paatelainen has become the front runner to take the helm in Hong Kong with the national side.

Are Hong Kong struggling to find a manager, or taking their time?

Hong Kong has been manager-less a while, ever since Gary White jumped ship at the sniff of an offer to get back into club football with J League 2 side Tokyo Verdy. That was back in November after Gary White had led Hong Kong to the finals of the EAFF championships for the first time in donkey's years.

Since White left though many names have been linked with the Hong Kong job, no one has yet however been put in charge. In the South China Morning Post article saying that Paatelainen is now the front runner, it states that the government funding for Hong Kong football is running out this year. This means that they can only offer a manager a short term contract. Could this be hindering the HKFA (Hong Kong Football Association) attempt to hire a new boss? Who wants to go into a new job without some sort of job security unless you're in desperate need of a job.

The other theory could be because Gary White jumped shift after roughly a few months, the HKFA has this time decided to take more time over who they plop in charge of the team. Whoever they pick, Hong Kong isn't that far from qualifying for an Asian Cup, they only need some minor tweaks and there is a huge chance they could make the 2023 Asian Cup Finals.

The HKFA themselves have already stated they believe that expecting a manager to get to the World Cup is too much, too soon. However, after just missing out to North Korea in qualifying for the last Asian Cup, they believe they should have a chance of qualifying for the next one, and we do agree with that. We hope they succeed, because we believe Hong Kong would be a brilliant addition to the Asian Cup, and they'd bring a decent following with them too.

If this is to be with Paatelainen too, one person at From the Tofu Bowl will be very excited as he was his hero growing up.

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