Malaysian football legend wants Japanese or South Korean manager for the national team

Malaysia used to be a decent side in Asia, but now they are one of the lowest ranked teams from Asia and find themselves near the bottom of the Fifa world rankings. One ex Malaysian legend has an idea on the way to reverse the fortunes for Malaysia and stop them from falling more drastically in the rankings.

Employ a manager from Japan or South Korea

Chin Aun represented Malaysia over 100 times between 1968 and 1988 and has come up with a way for Malaysian football to start heading back in the correct direction again. He thinks that the FAM (Football Association Malaysia) should hire a Japanese or South Korean coach to lead Malaysia in World Cup qualifying.

He said that back in the day, Japan and South Korea came to Malaysia to check out their semi-pro league before both nations went on to set up their professional leagues - the J.League and K.League - and he says, look at how successful both have been while Malaysia has slowly deteriorated and now find themselves near the bottom of the rankings and in the preliminary round of the World Cup qualifiers where they need to defeat East Timor over two legs or they will be out of the World Cup before the qualifying has even really begun.

If they got the right man from Japan or South Korea, they could help the national team, but a lot of how a national team does is connected to what goes on behind the scenes, the manager can only do so much if the support isn't there then no team can succeed. Japan and South Korea are successful because their FA's put in a great deal of effort to support football in their countries and therefore this benefits the national side. A good manager can help the situation for the side a great deal now, but a good manager is a short term fix if long term plans aren't implemented.

Malaysia need to play World Cup preliminary round match

Malaysia are now ranked so far down in the rankings, currently standing at 168 in the world, this means that for the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) World Cup qualifying section they find themselves in the lowest ranked Asian nations. Therefore they need to play in the preliminary round, what this means is they need to defeat East Timor (who they drew last week) over two matches otherwise they will be out of the World Cup.

Luckily for Malaysia, East Timor were one of the weakest teams in the draw, and the only easier draw they could have has looks to be Pakistan who have internal problems and might not even show up for their qualifying match, meaning Cambodia would get a bye to the next round. The Malaysian were terrible during the last World Cup qualifying, but if lost to East Timor, then that would surpass the last qualifying disaster which would be a new low for Malaysian football. Would a Japanese or South Korean manager make much difference to this? If you hired a good one, like Vietnam's South Korean manager then he could work wonders with the national team now. Would it be a long term benefit, that would depend on FAM implementing solid plans for the future. 

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