Macau version of the Lisbon Derby

The Sporting Macau starting Eleven: Ale de Jesus; Rui Oliveira; Alex Matos; Iuri Capelo; Paulo Fernandinho; Pedro Mascarenhas; Hudson Saviny; Malachy Ilo; A Man; Jack Wu and Chidi Bright (c) (Photo from Facebook)

There was a Lisbon derby played this week 6,825 miles from the Portuguese capital. This was seen in Macau the former Portuguese territory when Sporting Macau took on Benfica Macau in the Primeira Divisão.

About the fixture 

The sides play in Macau and the teams take their names from the clubs in Portugal due to the countries links with it. Although in Portugal both these clubs share a rich and successful history in Macau recently Benfica Macau has been by far the stronger side.

Then until this season where they look very unlikely to win the league Benfica had been champions for the last five years. Back in August 2016, they became the first Macau side to win a match in any AFC competition when they defeated Rovers FC of Guam 4-2.

From this last season, they defeated Taiwanese side Hang Yuen to win their first AFC Group match. This season they have not competed however in the AFC Cup and at home, they have not been anywhere near as successful as they sit in fourth place in the league eight points of the lead.

To Sporting Macau the side who have had a much more modest time of it since the top division started up in 2014 in its current format. The clubs history, however, is rich and one of the most interesting in the whole of Macau.

Despite this history where they have had some famous names in Portuguese football work with them they only ever won the league title once in 1991. They came back up though and took part in the first regenerated Primeira Divisão in 2014 as they finished second behind rivals Benfica.

In recent years Benfica has dominated the derby and last season they won both matches. As Benfica dominated the league last season they even beat Sporting 7-1 at the home ground of the side in green and white.

Despite this with the teams much closer in quality to each other this season a tighter match was always expected in the first derby of the season. Then coincidentally back in Lisbon, Portugal on the same day a closely fought derby took place too in the Portuguese FA Cup. In this came Sporting Lisbon came out on top.

It was to be the same in Macau too as this time Sporting Macau overcame their rivals and made amends for last seasons beatings as they defeated Benfica 3-2. In this match, they were 3 goals up also inside the first 40 minutes with goals from Iuri Capelo, Alex Matos, and Malachy Ilo.

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