Lee Kang-in will join Korea Republic for the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

Valencia's hot South Korean prospect Lee Kang-in has been selected for the U-20 World Cup which will take place in Poland and Valencia have agreed to allow him to play in the tournament.

Lee Kang-in is hot stuff 

Lee Kang-in is one of the brightest young talents that South Korea have to offer right now, and the Valencia player has been selected to represent South Korea at the U20 World Cup. This will come as good news to fans of South Korea because there were reports a while ago that Spain was trying to tempt him to represent them at international level.

He would be eligible to play for Spain because he has been living in the country and technically working there for a considerable amount of years. By working there, we do mean playing football...but yeah that is his paid job so he could represent Spain through nationalisation.

With how Fifa rules are, even though he has represented South Korea at youth level, that doesn't mean it will stop Spain from being able to poach him right out of Korea's hands some day. The only way South Korea can stop that is if they give him an international cap in a competitive match, as in not a friendly. If I was Paulo Bento (the South Korean manager) I would just give him a random cap in a match during the World Cup qualifiers when they're 4-0 ahead or something to keep him out of Spain's pesky hands as there will be matches during the second round of World Cup qualifying where South Korea will win easy enough, so the risk in capping him during that round is minimal.

Two types of youth teams and a tough draw

I always believe in youth football, there are two ideas when it comes to selecting your team for competitions. There are the teams who still want to win at all costs, and there are teams who want to give their biggest talents a chance at developing and playing tournament football despite their age.

Therefore, in a lot of youth tournaments, you see teams winning, who wouldn't normally win at senior level, and that is because a lot of youth football is down to the age of the players involved. If a team picks a 16 or a 17-year-old, his physical development is still more akin to a child, whereas a 19/20-year-old could be more physically like a grown man. Then when these two play against each other, the physically stronger kid normally wins out over the smaller one, regardless of how technical they are. Therefore, each competing team need to decide what is the best path for them in youth tournaments, allowing the best players a chance at playing tournament football at an early stage of their development or winning at all costs. What is most important to you as a team, as a country?

As for South Korea, they have been handed a tough draw for the finals which will take place in Poland between 23 May – 15 June. They have been drawn into group F alongside Portugal, Argentina and South Africa. They will need players such as Lee Kang-in to shine if they are to succeed in making it out of the group stage, especially against Portugal and Argentina.

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