Is Jurgen Klinsmann the answer for China?

China have been without a manager since Marcello Lippi left after the Asian Cup, and when Fabio Cannavaro stepped in for China Cup the rumours were that if he did well, then he would be offered the job. However, it all went tits up, and now it seems that the main man in the picture is Jurgen Klinsmann.

Will Klinsmann make any difference to China's chances of succeeding?

China are really desperate to improve their national team, and domestic football scene, they though when they hired Marcello Lippi that they had snagged a big name manager who would be able to get their national team to kick on and hopefully qualify for the World Cup at some point in the near future. However, under Lippi, China struggled massively in the 2018 Russian World Cup qualifying.

China did manage to get to the 3rd round stage of qualifying, but that stage is considered to have the best sides from Asia involved and China struggled throughout, and finished second bottom of their group only ahead of the next World Cup hosts Qatar. Qatar ended on 7 points, China had 12, the teams that finished above the next hosts of the World Cup and future potential World Cup hosts were: Iran, South Korea, Syria and Uzbekistan. The only surprising team in that bunch is Syria, the others are considered to be stronger than China.

So the question is, would Klinsmann do any better than Lippi? Was Lippi even at fault for China's dismal qualifying showing? Could Klinsmann have done better in the Asian Cup?

Well to start things off, I do think Lippi has a terrible approach to dealing with situations, he seems to lose the plot a fair bit, or could that be considered acceptable if the team aren't working hard enough or following instructions? The issue is, you cannot deal with players this way anymore, they just don't react to such a sledgehammer approach like they would in the past.

Klinsmann will get angry too, but he seems the kind of manager who will be more measured, I think he will definitely be more positive than Lippi, if anyone doesn't know what I am talking about go to YouTube and try to sit through a Lippi press conference, the bloke screams dull. Maybe China's players will react better to Klinsmann's style of management.

Even if the players do react better to Klinsmann than Lippi, I don't think Klinsmann can help change the results of the national team that much because China need to keep developing their young players, and local football and then once that has went through a prolonged process and the youth level players have got to a point where they're playing for CSL clubs and for the Chinese senior team will we see if the development programs put in place by China will make a difference. Klinsmann, could do a little better or a little worse, but I believe China aren't currently in a fake position in regards to their rankings and final qualifying spots, but they definitely have the financial power and ability to improve massively, and if all falls into place they could become a footballing powerhouse in 20-30 years where we will be talking about China as tournament contenders often. That however, is all depending on China's development programs going exceptionally well. Watch this space, and we will see.

USA manager

Klinsmann's last job was as manager of the USA, and in my opinion he did well there, even though some people have tried to label him as the reason for America not qualifying for the last World Cup. Football problems in the US at the time seemed to run deeper than Jurgen Klinsmann and the national team, I believe he was only in charge for two matches, and those two matches were against decent sides too - Mexico and Costa Rica. Losing to those sides was bad, but it wasn't the disaster it was made out to be as the USA still had the weaker sides in the group to play against as Mexico and Costa Rica were two of the main rivals for the World Cup spots. Albeit, getting smashed 4-0 by Costa Rica was probably the nail in Klinsmann's coffin at the time.

Would Jurgen have lost away to Trinidad and Tobago? I highly doubt it, I believe he would have got a result in that match that would have at least seen the US into the Continental playoff round. I think eventually Klinsmann would have got America to the World Cup, the games likely wouldn't have been pretty and it still wouldn't have been good just scraping into the World Cup, but it would have been better than not qualifying at all.

Can he do the business with China and qualify for the 2022 World Cup, we highly doubt it, but then it will down to China's current ability as much as to do with Klinsmann's current ability.

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