David Villa gives an insight to why he has been a great player

David Villa has given an interview which has been picked up by this Singaporean paper which shows why he has done well at each club he has went to, and why he has been great for so many years. At the ripe old age of 38 he is still going strong in Japan.

Villa shows why he has had a great career

David Villa has shown why he has done so well in his career wherever he has played in the World. He says it doesn't matter who he has played for, he always strives to do his best and lead by example regardless if it is Barcelona, Sporting Gijon or Vissel Kobe where he plies his trade now.

He makes it clear for him, it is not about fame, or popularity it is just about playing football and being the best you can be at each club. No wonder Villa has went far in his career if he takes this attitude to every new team he joins. Vissel Kobe sound like they have signed themselves a real gem when it comes to leading by example and helping out the youngsters at the club.

Supportive family, a wonderful help

Villa pointed out that his family have pretty much moved with him, wherever he has went to. This can only have a positive influence on how he performs for the team during matches. If the bloke has a happy life in the country because his family are there then that will no doubt help when it comes to doing his job on the pitch. Putting that ball in the back of the net, which he does often enough.

He said that Kobe have helped him and his family settle into life in Japan so well, and that is another positive to make him feel welcome, wanted and happy with life. It sounds like the Kobe beef is helping too and why wouldn't it? 

Villa wants to win a medal with Kobe to add it to his already massive collection, but in my opinion Kobe won't win the J.League anytime soon. Even though the older, world famous players they've signed sound like they're great team players and have settled well, they still seem like they're signing individuals to me, and not building a team. That is what it takes to win in Japan, having the best team not the best individuals.

My prediction is that Kobe won't even finish in the top 3, even though they've got the most expensive team ever assembled in J.League history.

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